The Creative Rebellion

We are Rebel North Creative.

400 years ago, Guy Fawkes took place in an active rebellion. Today he stands as a symbol of alternative thinking, an inspiration we stand by.

Our name directly expresses our design philosophy - create alternative, meaningful, lasting, and custom-engineered advertising solutions for our clients.
We focus on every client, and every problem, as if you are our only one, and with that; an open mind, an unparalleled curiosity, and an untainted focus.


Rebel North Creative has worked with some highly acclaimed clients across the United Kingdom and the United States. Based in York and Liverpool, we tailor our services to clients across the globe. While we specialize in strategy-based content, we also provide advertising content to a variety of industries.


We work with a highly experienced team of individuals from different backgrounds, spread across the globe. Because of our industry knowledge and connections, our productions have industry professional talent attached.…

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meet the rebels

Founder/Creative Director

In the creative sector, Clinton has worked in the advertising and entertainment arena as a freelance creative director, photographer and creative artworker for 8 years.Creating work for large brands such as Nike, Athlon Outdoors, and Eli Roths Crypt Tv. Clinton has also travelled the world teaching Photoshop composite and retouching techniques and written as an expert for numerous photography and Photoshop magazines, and still writes for Fstoppers, one of the largest photography news websites online.

Furthermore, Clinton won the Leeds & Yorkshire Advertising Photographer of the year 2020.

Founder/Creative Director

In film, Corey has worked for large Production companies such as Netflix and currently sits on the Advisory Council of the International Moving Image Society. A historical organisation which boasts past members such as Alfred Hitchcock and present members such as Christopher Nolan and Sir Richard Attenborough.

Corey also has an academic background in Sociology, Psychology of Advertising and Advertising Strategy & Brand Development. 

Social Media Executive Intern

Tyler is a recent graduate of the University of Bath and holds a degree in Management with Marketing. She has a great foundation in business strategies, policies and marketing principles. Tyler’s previous internships in Germany and the UK focused on PR, communications and digital marketing. Tyler has honed her skills in writing and publishing news articles and newsletters, managing paid search accounts and creating paid search ads as well as creating and providing interdisciplinary campaign and website performance reports for market research. She aims to put her skills and leadership qualities to good use in supporting us with our marketing efforts.

Director of Photography/Camera Operator

Peter has worked with ITV on large productions such as Britain’s Got Talent and X factor. In the past, he has had his work funded by the National Lottery and has worked numerous times with National Adversity Award Shows. Furthermore, Pete has worked with a range of reputable names in the industry, including but not limited to Ricky Tomlinson, Ian Puleston Davis, Louis Emerick, and Crissy Rock.

Camera Operator/Drone Pilot

With 15 years experience in the creative sector, Carl has worked professionally as a 2nd AD in the independent film industry; as well as a Director of Photography. With a broad range of knowledge and expertise in camera operations, Carl is proficient in steady-cam and gimbal application, and is a professionally licenced and insured SUA/Drone pilot & cinematographer.

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