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While many design firms may utilize the lower quality GIF as an advertising tool, we go above and beyond and introduce you to the hi-res Cinemagraph.


A groundbreaking method of introducing the consumer to only the highest degree of visual quality. Using the latest techniques and software, our cinemagraphs use millions of colours at a 4k resolution.


It is clear, our cinemagraphs stand out from the crowd.


We believe cinemagraphs are the future. In a day and age where the average consumer does not spend a lot of time on an advertisement, a cinemagraph's unique quality grabs the attention of your customers in only a few seconds but keeps it for much longer. Cinemagraphs can be used on a variety of social media platforms to positively drive your customer engagement and click-through rate.


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Cinemagraphs are without a doubt the best way to boost engagement and clicks not only on social media but on websites and marketing emails.


Larges brands such as Disney, Coca Cola, Mashable, The Emmys, Entertainment Weekly, Walmart Doritos are now utilizing cinemagraphs in their advertising arsenal. Hollywood studios are rolling out cinemagrpahs into their marketing packs, with shows like HBO's 'Silicon Alley' TV series jumping onto the moving stills.

In an A/B test comparing static images ads against cinemagraph ads, tech giants Microsoft launched a social media campaign at small and medium-sized businesses. The results were astounding! 

The tech giant reported an 85% increase in engagement among SMBs for ads with cinemagraphs, compared to 0.83 percent for those with still images. On Twitter, for SMBs, Microsoft found a 110-percent engagement rate increase for ads with cinemagraphs compared to those with still images, and, on Instagram, there was a 45-percent decrease in cost per engagement.

Global giants Pepsico also did their own test campaign using cinemagraphs in 2106 in which brand manager Kelli McIntosh had this to say after seeing the results:  “The cinemagraph had a 75 percent increase in CTR and 51 percent increase in engagement vs. the static image,” she said. “They generate just enough curiosity to stop thumbs in their track[s].”

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