case study


York Victorian Tilers is run and owned by Mark Taylor, a leading Tiling Specialist commissioned to retile some of the oldest structures in the UK, including the famous York Minster. 


Mark contacted the Rebel Team because he wanted a website that matched his professionalism, creativity and passion to set himself apart from his competition. 


Rebel North Creative delivered a fully functioning website that matched all the specifications of York Victorian Tilers.


Preliminary Data Collection & Research

Website Design

Logo Rejuvenation

Website Mapping

Digital Customer Journey Strategy

Web Consulting - Demonstration


The Task

Mark wanted a website that stood out from the competition and really echoed his perfectionism when it came to tiling. Recreating a website included preliminary consumer research, competition assessment, designing the digital customer journey, logo design and web design.


The challenge was creating a website that encompassed both sides of the York Victorian Tiler’s customer types. The first being homeowners, the second being historical landmarks. York Victorian Tilers prides itself on tiling for traditional homeowner customers, the ‘bread and butter’ of its’ business. Simultaneously, York Victorian Tilers specialises in historical sites. It became clear early on that both sets of customers needed to be satisfied with slightly different approaches. 

Minimal Perspective Logo Mockup.png

Website Mapping / Digital Customer Journey Strategy

The Rebel Team engaged in a comparative research to understand the tiling industry, market competition and target customers. It allowed us to develop a strategy that fit how each customer type would perceive the York Victorian Tilers digital storefront. More precisely, it allowed us to understand how each customer would need a slightly differentiated customer journey.

Logo Rejuvenation

Through updating York Victorian Tiler’s digital storefront, it became necessary to adjust the logo to match the website’s ‘feel’. Part of this process was helping facilitate slight changes to the York Victorian Tiling brand, through a logo rejuvenation. Predominantly, this was addressed by cleaning the logo up, and sampling the colour structure to match the website.

The outcome

York Victorian Tiler’s were exceptionally pleased with the ease of use, and the exceptionally original design. Furthermore, it helped increase traffic to his website by 2,000%. Furthermore, any potential consumers can navigate the website easily, while identifying the difference between the historical clients and homeowner clients.


We also believe that our clients deserve independence from the Agency if they so please. We were happy to teach the stakeholders data analytics, and website editing features.





“This company have just completed creating a new website for myself and the time and effort that Corey and his team put in to making sure that everything went smoothly throughout the project and was everything I expected it to be , the website was completed on the agreed timescale and with in budget. I highly recommend this company what a fantastic and approachable team who think outside the box…."

- Mark Taylor, York Victorian Tilers