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Our Bespoke Process

SEO Specialists for Tech


Rebel North Creative is a specialist SEO agency for Tech, gaming & E-commerce brands. We have an intrinsic understanding of the tech consumer search behaviour, and how to improve SEO (search engine optimization) performance without impacting the brand aesthetics or ethos.


Our SEO Process


Our SEO method will always begin with getting to know the brand and the consumer. Ultimately we look to understand how your consumer is searching for your product/service on search engines.


This can be different for tech brands. For example; brand terms can be more competitive for tech. Furthermore, the tech consumer may be looking for a premium product because of the additional qualities it provides. We build these considerations into your SEO campaign.


Unlike some SEO agencies, we pride ourselves on the transparency of the work we carrying out; and the results achieved. Communication is key and comes as an absolute standard on the progress we make for you.


All the SEO decisions we make are driven by data that is analyzed by SEO experts to make informed decisions that will arrive organic search growth on google and other search engines.



Keyword Research


One of the first steps for our SEO campaigns is to find out which keywords customers are searching for to find your products or services. We then map these keywords to every page on your website, using them in future optimization work and integrating this into a roadmap for success.


On-Page Optimisation


A huge part of your SEO service is the optimization of all on-page elements for key pages across the site.


By conducting keyword research and analyzing page-level data, Rebel North will ensure that priority pages across thee site are optimized to target the primary keywords associated with the brands’ products or service offerings.


Optimisation will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis dependent on seasonality, competition and user trends.

Technical Auditing


With ever-changing google algorithms, technical SEO auditing will be conducted on regular basis to implement fixes where necessary. If the website is not technically optimized, it will not only oppose the on-page optimization work and cause issues in ranking for targeted keywords, but it will also hinder user experience, resulting in user bouncing from the site, or decreased conversions from all traffic sources.


Technical SEO supports a friction-free customer journey and can deliver significant results. Unlike some other SEO companies, we will deliver a technical SEO audit report upon starting with you, in order to establish a bespoke roadmap for you. We will then continue doing audits every 6 months to check in on the site. Our reports map out detailed recommendations to better your SEO and website performance.



Content Optimisation


Through our keyword research process, we are able to identify content gaps and where longer-tail traffic can babe driven through to the site.


Understanding the data behind these search terms allows us to generate longer-form content pieces that target a wider variety of keywords. Driving this traffic brings users that are within a different stage of the conversion path to the site, supplementing the organic traffic driven by key product for service pages.


We make sure your content is on-brand, tru to your tone of voice, is easy to read, whilst also giving the search engines everything they want too.


Off-Site SEO


For your website to get rankings and web traffic in competitive verticals you will need more than just great content; you also need links and mentions from other websites.


We develop content marketing and off-site SEO strategies to generate backlinks to your website, improving the overall website authority.


Rebel North will manage the process from content & campaign ideation, website prospecting & analysis, to influencer outreach & management. We typically work alongside PR agencies on this part of the project.


Off-Website SEO (And Social Media PlatforMs)



As well as auditing Google My Business Profile, we will manage it to ensure all information is correct and up-to-date for potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, you name it, we provide SEO solutions for all of them.

More than Google (We live in a global Market!)


Whilst Google is the core search engine the Western economy uses, there are other search engines that need to be considered. Yooutubbe is the second biggest search engine for example. Yandex is Russia’s core search engine and Baidu is one of the biggest in China. Amazon being the largest e-commerce retailer should also be considered.

Holistic Marketing


Being a full service Agency, we work across multiple channels to help you achieve your goals. We are experts in brand, creative content, SEO and consulting for the tech industry, and shape overall strategy with that all of these aspects in mind.


SEO and Paid Media


For keywords that the site is struggling to rank highly for due to organic conception, targeting these through Paid Search ensures your website is still visible to the intended audience. For keywords that already rank well for SEO, there is less need to target from Paid too, meaning that budget can be reallocated to target other terms that will drive traffic further.



SEO & Front end Web-design & Development


Our SEO agency experts and website design and development team work very closely together to ensure that all web design and builds have SEO requirements considered throughout each stage of the process, whether it is creating a new website from scratch, a site migration for just augmenting the current site for better performance.



Data-Driven SEO


Our SEO strategy is driven by data; how people are searching for your product, what keywords they’re using, where is the traffic coming from, where consumer demand is, how long they’re spending on the website, and the list goes on. We look at many different data points to build a picture of what SEO is doing for you and where we can build and achieve short-term and long term SEO success on Google and other search engines.


WHy choose rebel north Creative as your tech expert seo Agency?


As a performance brand, content & SEO digital agency, our focus is on driving commercial success for each and everyone of our clients - that comes from tangible results. We strive to increase traffic, the quality of visitors, and ultimately revenue.


Whilst we are advertising experts through and through. We at Rebel North Creative pride ourselves on merging our digital expertise with the tech landscape.


Furthermore, we are a full-service agency. Our goal is to help you grow and so we will babe working with you as your digital partner to drive value across SEO but other channels as well.


We also like to think we are radically different from the conventional agencies you see, get to know why being rebellious works.

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