Using Customers to Remove Subjectivity from the Decision Making Process

It may be difficult to properly assess and predict what the results of launching a new product advertising campaign may be, or what your current consumers may think of that new re-brand, but concise data may give you the insight you need to make decision based on fact.

For us, its’ not just ‘researching', but bringing a fresh perspective to the project and insightful analysis to deliver effective and powerful facts to the process.


We strive to make sense of the way your customers see the world and what truly makes them go after your product. At Rebel North Creative it's about using trusted data collection approaches, combined with more innovative methodologies that are grounded in sociology, psychology and marketing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Creative Advertising & Brand Direction Analysis

  • Brand Rejuvenation Analysis

  • Visual Campaign Effectiveness Analysis

  • Visual Day-to-Day Advertising Effectiveness Analysis

  • Versus Your Competition Advertising Effectiveness Analysis

  • Website Visual Effectiveness & Habits Analysis

We offer a bespoke service when it comes to Data Insights, tailored exactly to your needs and the questions you want answered. 

We want you to walk away knowing that you are more informed, and ready to make a decision based on data.


Qualitative Data

Qualitative research is an exploratory method which focuses on the ‘why’ and allows us to gain an understanding of reason and motivation. When creating an advert, it is important to understand how it is impacting the consumer. What are the emotional and subliminal messages that the consumer is receiving, and are they effective? Could it be more effective?

Having the research behind the decision to launch a re-brand campaign, or release a new style of advert, gives stakeholders the knowledge to make financially informed decisions.

Our Qualitative research involves methods such as group activities, 1-2-1 interviews, and participation/observation exercises. These are effective for providing insights and generating hypotheses for our quantitative research.


Focus Groups

For qualitative data gathering, we often use focus groups to dig deep into the emotional side of advertising and branding. Furthermore, we often use creativity groups, whereby panelists use creative activities and games to express their thoughts on your product or service.

1-2-1 Interviews

Depending on budget restrictions, and intent of the research, interviews are a methodology, whereby we take in depth information from a few people over a longer period of time. These could be committed customers, potential customers and even representatives from the company.


Quantitative Data

Our quantitative research is rooted in pure data collection, which gives you visibility on a number of key indicators. Allowing us to produce clear actionable insights to help improve the overall consumer experience, advertising effectiveness, and brand direction.

Our Quantitative research involves methods such as Opinion Polls, Surveys and Questionnaires. Which are done both in person, and online.

Opinion Polls

Using online surveys, we’ll gather a large amount of quantitative data in a short space of time, that allow for insight into what steps to take next as a business.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Our surveys find out key information about your brand, and how individuals receive your advertising messages and their effectiveness. So that we can help you to boost your brand and advertising for your customers.

Computer with Graph_edited.jpg

the process


Identify Area of Intended Research


Discussion & Brainstorm


Undergo Research & Data Collection


Formal Report & Analysis

The Team

All of these methods are carried out by our experienced team in controlled environments. We are mobile and can set up these meets in a variety of places, as well as in some cases, completely digital.

Drivers for a Study

Depending on the size of the study, and what you want accomplished, can change how and in which way the research takes place. Please considering the following:

  • Sample Size and composition

  • Ease or difficulty of finding your target participants

  • Data-gathering methodology

  • Research Tools

  • Kind of Analysis and Reporting

  • Timeline

What will you receive

At the end of the process, we want all our clients to walk away feeling informed. As such analysis will be contained in a research brief with all of the data we have collated, insights, results and recommendations.