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Remotely working with a celebrity to create new advertising content

Liam Payne is one of the world's most famous singer-songwriters, formally part of the mega boyband One Direction. When creating concert key art you need striking artwork that looks premium on product and digital. But with a worldwide pandemic and a lack of facilities to create the content, communication, and teamwork is key. Our mission was to work remotely with Liam's team and create a concert key-art that was not only imaginative but added a high-end premium finish to all promo deliverables.


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The Client

Liam Payne rose to fame as a member of the mega boyband, One Direction. Currently signed to Republic Records in North America, he is certified platinum in both the UK and US. Liam has sold over 18 million singles since leaving One Direction and had over 3.9 Billion career streams.

In July 2020 he announced he would be launching The LP Show, a lives series. with act 1 a live-streamed concert.

The problem

We were contacted by Liam's creative director who relayed to us that Liam wanted something special for Act 3 of The LP Show. They wanted a higher standard of concert promotional key art. With the current world crisis, they needed a team that could work remotely, communicate efficiently with a dynamic turnaround.

Liam Payne LP Show Rebel North Creative
Liam Payne The LP Show Photo_ Conor Butl

The process

After some discussion and content strategy with Liam over the phone, we knew that shooting the portraits ourselves was out of the question. So it was up to both our and Liam's teams to work together hundreds of miles apart.

With some discussion on poses and what works best when shooting for composite, Liam's photographer Conor Butler managed and shot the photos needed for manipulation and retouching.

It was then up to our creative team to take the photos and build a believable scene around them. We love to use our own photos but with a worldwide lockdown upon us, we had a problem. We cannot get to any locations to take background templates.

Biting the bullet, we decided to use stock images from Adobe Stock. Successfully taking multiple photographs and compositing them into background scenarios fit for a warrior.

The outcome

Since the images were launched in October 2020, they have been liked nearly a million times across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The images were also used as the cover for the Twitch live stream concert. They were also chosen as the hero images on the commemorative online concert tickets.

Liam Payne LP Show Rebel North Creative
Liam Payne The LP Show breakdown Rebel N
Liam Payne The LP Show breakdown Rebel N

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