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PC Specialist is one of the biggest E-Commerce Retailers in the UK for Custom built Gaming Rigs. A titan in the UK Tech E-Commerce industry, PC Specialist continues to be a powerhouse for bespoke gaming tech, setting standards for both quality and production.  

The Rebel North Team was purposed with a mission to deliver a custom designed advertising campaign surrounding the promotion of the Ionico Gaming laptop. 


Specialist Day Advertising Campaign / Cinemagraphs / Photomanipulation Adverts / Short Social Media Video Content / Content Strategy 

The Task

The PC Specialist team wanted a variety of bespoke Advertising content tailor made to  advertise out the Ionico 15’3 Gaming Laptop on their social media channels.  

Specifically they wanted a variety of social media content that had marketing stopping power,  to attract both loyal, as well as new, customers to their e-commerce retail pages. 

Furthermore, the Rebel North Team needed to create a strategic advertising message that  conveyed the gaming usage of the laptop, while highlighting its mobility

The Ionico Laptop Adverts needed to reflect the target consumer of gamers, while  simultaneously featuring the laptops mobility.  

‘Any Place, Any Level’ pushes the audience into understanding the Ionico’s gaming potential,  while making it clear that it is a mobile computing system. The slogan was a derivative of a  slogan PC Specialist already had, but simplified the message and gave it an increased recall  factor.

We at Rebel North Creative also conducted preliminary research that indicated a definitive rise  in the number of gamers from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, gender and sex. We  wanted to accurately reflect the growing potential customer base, by accurately reflecting  diverse representation in the adverts that we created for PC Specialist. Our Hero Images,  include both male and female gamers, from different backgrounds. This representation is  designed to increase sales growths by including more segments of the population.

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Content Strategy

Part of creating a successful campaign is understanding what content type would be most  effective for pushing out a particular product.  

With PC Specialist, our research indicated the best content for growth and increased sales,  were four disctinct creative outlets: cinemagraphs, hero adverts (photomanipulation), product  adverts, and social media videos.


Cinemagraphs were created because of their distinct ‘marketing stopping power’. Social Media algorithms currently favor video content. While Cinemagraphs aren’t pure videos, they possess a definitive moving element, and are coded as videos, meaning higher Click Through  Rates. Furthermore, they are both cost effective and efficient media to grow sales. 

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Hero Adverts

We needed to create strong, eye-catching visuals that help potential customers develop a  relationship with the product and brand itself. The more consumers understand the product  and brand, the more likely they are to develop a close affinity to the PC Specialist brand.

Product Adverts

Product Adverts were essential for highlighting the form of the laptop itself. So that consumers  can almost ‘feel’ the product visually. 

Social Media Video  

The need for filmed content, given social media current algorithms favoring video, was  imperative for the PC Specialist brand. While quite different from the large commercial videos,  social media videos can be cost effective, and efficient at driving customers to the PC  Specialist E-commerce retail pages.


The Outcome

The PC Specialist team couldn’t have been happier upon delivery of the content.

It is beyond important for us to deliver content that not only stuns our clients, but delivers  meaningful and tangible results for the business itself.  The content achieved diversity, helping expand the target demographic to include more female  gamers from different backgrounds