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With the entire Rebel Team taking a great interest in York, its’ folklore, and a passion for the craft beer industry; we decided to challenge ourselves and create a brand and product from scratch. Our mission was to put our skills to the test, and demonstrate to all of our clients and potential customers what we are capable of. 


Brand Strategy

Branding & Identity Design

Packaging Design

Rebel North Creative-Snickleways Brand Identity-Roaming-wraith

The Task

To create a craft beer brand based on the folklore and ghost stories of York.

To create not only visuals but base those visuals on research and data to target the correct audience.


To create a fully functioning brand, from front to back. This meant, that when completed, any organization could take the brand and apply it to an existing craft beer flawlessly

To give our clients a transparent look into our process, and the way we work.

To challenge ourselves by creating a standout brand in an already competitive alcohol beer craft market.

Rebel North Creative-Snickleways Brand Identity-Roaming-wraith
Rebel North Creative-Snickleways Brand Identity-Roaming-wraith


In order to create a fully functioning brand, it was important to go through our bespoke brand strategy steps. Because delivering effective and engaging content, a purposeful logo, business name, targeted advertising; all rest on truly understanding the foundation of the brand. 


We worked through several of our key workshops and programs, including but not limited to: breaking down Brand Attributes, Initial & Core Discovery, Logo Association, Target Consumer Avatars.


This process allowed us to develop Snickleways Brewery into a unique, highly precise, effective and targeted brand.

The outcome

The outcome not only matched all of our expectations, but exceeded them. The result was a fully functioning, aesthetically unique brand, ready for commercial use. Furthermore, our entire process has been thoroughly documented, allowing any interested party to take an in-depth look into how we operate as an organisation and as a team. 

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