Small Business Web design Service

Built exclusively through Wix or Shopify


Why have a Rebel build your site?

Beautifully Bespoke

Cost Effective

Expedited / Timely



Bring Your Vision to Reality

Our passionate creatives will focus on building a beautifully handcrafted website unlike anything currently on the marketplace. This level of design is for businesses that want to be set apart, not just from your competition, from an entire industry.

From startups, to growing businesses, to individuals who just would like a website, we want to help bring your vision to reality.

Be Different!

Our team wants to set you apart, so we first work through who you are. We take your branding into full consideration when constructing and creating the best version of your digital store front.


Our design team starts working through a prototype website based on your position, accommodating a specific style. For us, design and functionality go hand-in-hand. So if we approach the website design with a user-centric approach. Helping engage, and give a pathway to website visitors, that reflects your brand in the most honest way possible.


Custom Page Layout

Because we design on Wix and Shopify, our team creates layouts and templates that feel organic and match your brand personality. Also allowing you to change and format them in any way you feel best matches your business.

Table with laptop and chair

Custom Development

Our team builds your website from scratch. If you need flexibilities in the design, we can help bring that to life. This is your website, your vision, we are the Agency that will make that happen.

Rebel Recommendations: For a more cost effective build, have the website copy, contents and media, readily available to share with our team.

Our teams build beautifully, handcrafted, and bespoke designs exclusively through WIX & SHOPIFY.

5-10 Day Turnaround*
(*subject to customer promptness & Add-Ons)



Rebel Beginner

4 Page Design

Includes 1 Free Revision



Rebel Intermediate

5 Page Design

Includes 2 Free Revisions



Rebel Pro

6 Page Design

Includes 3 Free Revisions

Standard 4-page site is:
Home Page - About - Store/Product Page - Contact


Add-On Packages

SEO Optimisation

Logo Design

Copy Revisions

Media Delivery

Design Revision (per revision)

Wix Instructional (how to)

Extra Page

1,500 - 2,500*

1,250 - 2500*

500 - 1,500*





Bulk discounts available on web pages

*Dependent on size of the website, and scale of the delivery


The Process

  1. Contact us with the package that you want to go with, and if you want to opt in for any add-ons. (Don’t worry you can always add-on options later).

  2. We will send out the Payment Details, together with our Rebel Website Design Sheet.

  3. Fill in our Rebel Website Design sheet, and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

  4. Send us your copy, media, and anything else you would like us to add.

  5. We want to have a quick discovery chat, let’s get on the same page!

  6. Once a quick mock up design is approved, we’ll start building!


Featured Case Study


York Victorian Tilers

York Victorian  Tilers