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Demanding the attention of the scroll generation!

York Fashion Week is one of the city's largest events lasting a whole and multiple venues and events. It showcases numerous designers from small boutiques to celebrity fashionistas. Getting your marketing and advertising images seen in today's attention-deficit era means creating an aesthetic that demands attention. Our mission was to create a campaign of teaser visuals to capture the eyes and attention of social media.


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The client

York Fashion Week is a real celebration of fashion, creativity, and style that takes place in the stunning city of York. This diverse event launched in 2018 and has already showcased numerous talented designers from across the UK, an array of independent businesses, and a huge number of high street brands. Early in 2019, we were asked to work on the York fashion Week Promo campaign by local videographer Beetroot Box and local agency NIMA. The brief was to create some stylized imagery that was a teaser for the upcoming event in March.

the problem

YFW wanted classic with a modern twist, and a way to showcase the series in new ways to grab the attention of a digital audience that is bombarded with image after image on social media. With time running out before the marketing campaign began, we had a short deadline to meet. We could not show the outfits in a bright environment or the details or it would ruin the show.

The greatest challenge was the neon sign. YFW did not have one and we thought that the concept may have to be changed. After some brainstorming, we decided it could be created digitally. The sign in the images was built from the YFW logo. We asked NIMA to send me the logo over in an editable format. I then placed it behind the models and began to turn it into glowing neon using various light effects in Photoshop.

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The process

After team talks, we decide to go with a concept that I thought would work to the brief. Using the YFW logo like a neon sign to light the models and outfits, the low-key lighting would not show all the details of the outfits. The outfits used in the project were from local designers and celebrity designer Scott Henshall, former creative director at Mulberry. The dress that Charlie is wearing (the art pop dress) has been worn by the likes of Paris Hilton. 

One of the issues we discussed was how to stop the audience from scrolling, we need a way to capture the attention of the scroll generation. We agreed, the best way to do this was moving stills. Video is great, but the viewer knows they have to allocate at least three minutes or more, which means they may avoid watching. But a cinemagraph or moving still grabs the attention, keeps the viewer locked in. but does not take up too much of their time.

The outcome

The series was a big success, being used across all social media of YFW and the designers involved. The images were featured in the York Press newspaper alongside a feature on York Fashion Week. 2019 was YFW's most successful year to date. 

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